dragon ball super episode 123

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super episode 123 Subbed :”Full

Body and Soul Released! Goku and Vegeta”

Only universe 11 and universe 7 led by son Goku remains in the tournament of power. In latest episode 122, Vegeta uses all of his power to fight against universe 11’s Jiren But Jiren doesn’t loose even then ,On the other hand Vegeta is severally wounded and now is in trouble.

DBS Episode 123 The Vegeta way:

as the episode before this one is centered around the Prince of all Saiyans, we could take this way and speculate that they are talking about Vegeta and him achieving Ultra Instinct and utilizing it to fight Jiren which is essentially above Vegeta’s league right now.

dragon ball super episode 123

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