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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 English Subbed : “a Miraculous Conclusion”

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 March 25th, 2018

DBS 131 Jump Preview Spoilers- The battle of Goku and his friends finally reaches its conclusion! Which universe came out victorious?!

The battle that put the universes on the line finally reaches its climax! Against Jiren, who is well-known as the strongest man, Goku falls (Goku falls may mean that he falls on the stage due to lack of energy and not off the stage) after his power falls short. Just when Universe 11 is thought to have won, the hidden Frieza makes an appearance!?

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  1. A fantastic ending and twist, all this long I thought Freeza or Goku were going to win but instead my boi 17 got the wish AND Freeza got resurrected. Well done Toyotaro, Toriyama and Toei. See you until the movie.

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